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What's new at The Park Surgery - April 2021

During the last few months we have recruited a number of new clinical staff to ensure that we continue to offer the best possible access for our patients to clinical services.

We have four new GPs. Dr Charlie Clarke, has taken over Dr Atkinson’s list of patients.

Dr Susie Morgan shares responsibility for Dr Kimber’s/Anderson’s list of patients, (with Dr Kimber and Dr Anderson taking more time to help with the management of the practice).

Dr Vanessa Jonga has taken over Dr Iyoha’s list.

Dr Matt Milmine shares Dr Daniel’s list, and assists our triage team.

Our new Doctors bring with them a wealth of different skills, not only from their medical experience but also from previous careers.

Emma Mist is a diabetic nurse specialist who had worked for us as a locum over the last couple of years, and has taken a permanent position with us.

Lynda Huggins is also a nurse specialist, with qualifications particularly in diabetes, and she also helps with our triage team dealing with minor illness and injury.

Bolu Adebayo will be working for us on 2 days every week, she is a Physician’s Associate, who works across our Primary Care Network Practices. Physician’s Associates are highly qualified clinicians who take an extensive postgraduate course in medical treatment, and work under the supervision of a Doctor.

Dr Tim Evans and Claire Deegan have become partners in the practice.

We are all looking forward to the end of the pandemic, and the opportunity of getting back to normal ways of helping our patients. However, Covid has brought with it some new ways of working which will stay. We have more ways of accessing services electronically (which you can find on our home page).

Nearly all of our patients now obtain their prescriptions electronically, which is more efficient and safer for all.

We recommend that all patients register for online services, and if you do, you will be readily able to show your covid vaccination status on your smartphone.

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