Covid-19 Hot Zone Booking Script

Please read carefully the instructions below, it is very important for everyone’s safety.

Every patient seen by our clinicians represents an infection risk to them, and the longer they spend with each patient, the greater the risk. This will not be a usual consultation.

  • Please use a toilet BEFORE you come to the appointment as there are no available facilities at The Park Surgery.
  • Do not bring anyone else with you to the appointment unless you are physically unable to enter the building without assistance. For children, 1 parent only. DO NOT bring a buggy or pushchair.
  • Drive to The Park Surgery and park in the Doctors Car Park (which is marked with No Entry signs).
  • When you arrive DO NOT leave your vehicle.
  • Call Reception on 01903 734999 and alert them that you have arrived.
  • When the Clinician is ready to assess you, they will call your mobile and ask you to come to the SIDE DOOR on the left of the building as you look at the entrance – ensure you remain 2m from anyone else in the area.
  • A clinician may assess you in your car instead – you will be informed if this is the case.
  • Once in the building do exactly as you are instructed.
  • Do not touch any surfaces. Stay at least 2 metres from anyone else in the building.
  • You will be in the building for an examination only – the clinician WILL NOT BE ABLE TO DEAL WITH ANY OTHER PROBLEM.
  • Please leave the building promptly without delay when asked to do so.
  • You may be contacted by phone to advise you of the outcome rather than during the assessment.


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